Proposed session topics

We have prepared the following session topics for presentations. If you are not sure whether your presentation fits on any of the above topics, please contact us. There are no restricted topics for the poster session.

Modern taxonomy of Cyanobacteria, from a polyphasic approach to whole genome studies.

Theoretical lectures on phylogenetic and phylogenomic studies of cyanobacteria. Descriptions of new genera and species using methods of molecular biology and phylogenetics, as well as using a polyphasic approach. Studies focused on the systematics and taxonomy of cyanobacteria at all taxonomic levels.

Cyanobacterial ecology and biogeography, from local to global scales.

Studies on the biogeography of cyanobacteria on a local, regional or global scale. Research results using methods of classical ecological research or using modern phylogeographic approaches. Studies of the distribution of cyanobacteria on the planet and the role of vectors in distribution.

Cyanobacteria as inhabitants of extreme habitats, ecology, ecophysiology and taxonomy.

Studies covering classical extreme habitats - polar regions, biocrusts of arid soils, thermal springs, subterranean habitats, and hypersaline biotopes. Studies on the phylogenetic position and evolution of extremophilic cyanobacteria using modern methods (polyphasic approach, phylogenomics, etc.). Research on the ecology, adaptation and ecophysiology of extremophilic cyanobacteria.

Secondary metabolites of Cyanobacteria, their roles and potentials, from food to medical use, from cells to ecosystems.

Research focused on cyanobacterial metabolic pathways, synthesis of secondary metabolites and their genetic background (including whole genome studies). Potential use of cyanobacteria, their products in human nutrition, biofuels, medicine, pharmacy, etc. The role of secondary metabolites of cyanobacteria in ecosystems and in interactions with other organisms.