Post-conference Program

The post-conference program is not included in the symposium fee. The costs are to be paid on site in CZK.

Cultural trip to Český Krumlov

Price approx. 17 EUR ( 400 CZK)

A one-day visit to UNESCO listed town of Český Krumlov including an English guided tour of the castle, walks through the picturesque streets of the old town, as well as the possibility to visit the baroque castle garden. The garden has been founded in the 17th century and is divided into four parts. The castle presents one of the most important monuments in Central Europe and has been included among the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments since 1992.

The price includes:

  • transport

  • tour tickets

Estimated time schedule:

  • departure from České Budějovice bus station at 10:15 am

  • English tour of Český Krumlov castle 11-12 am

  • town exploration - numerous galleries & historic buildings to admire, as well as many lunch & souvenir-buying options

  • departure back to České Budějovice at 6 pm

  • arrival to České Budějovice bus station at 6:30 pm

Raft/canoe trip on the Vltava river

from Český Krumlov to Zlatá Koruna

Price approx. 25 EUR ( 600 CZK)

The whole day tour runs through UNESCO listed town of Český Krumlov. You can see the whole of Český Krumlov from the water. We will stop at the pub on the embankment right below the castle, so there will be time to enjoy the atmosphere of the old town (with coffee or beer :). Once you leave the town, the remaining part offers numerous meanders running through a romantic valley lined by rocks. There are quite a lot of occasions to stop and have a drink or something to eat at river bistros. We will stop at least at one of them to have lunch. You will come across five weirs on the way – four of them in Český Krumlov and the fifth one right before the end of the tour in Zlatá Koruna, where the bus will pick us up in late afternoon. The length of the trip is 17 km on the river (approx. 3-4 hours). Beginners as well as experienced paddlers will enjoy any part of this romantic river. If we have time left, with those of you who want, we can continue along the river to the edge of České Budějovice (roughly another 2-3 hours).

The price includes:

  • transport

  • boats and paddles (raft/plastic canoe)

  • lifejackets

  • water resistant containers for your personal stuff

Estimated Time schedule:

  • departure from the conference venue: 8 am by charter bus

  • start on the river: 9.30 - 10 am

  • stop at the old town of Český Krumlov: 11 am

  • lunch at one of the river bistros: 12 am - 1 pm

  • arrival to the campsite in Zlatá Koruna: around 2 - 3 pm

  • arrival to České Budějovice (by charter bus): approx 6 pm

We will share the bus with the group going to the Hiking in Šumava Mountains-the bus will pick up us on their way back - approx at 5 pm. In the meantime, you can visit the medieval monastery Zlatá Koruna, which is just a few hundred meters from the river. Or you can just relax by the river or in the pub in the campsite.

There is also the possibility to continue along the river to the beginning of České Budějovice, where the bus can pick us up later (17 - 18 pm).
We will arrange all the details together during the conference, as it suits you best.

Hiking in Šumava Mountains (Bohemian Forest)

Price aprox. 20 EUR (500 CZK)

A one-day hiking trip to the Šumava Mountains starting at Jelení and leading to Plešné Lake. The lenght of the trip is planned for 16 km of mountain terrain, elevation cca 500 m. During this hike you will visit several iconic places of the Šumava Mountains such as Plešné Lake, A. Stifter Monument and Mt. Plechý with beautiful views.

The price includes:

  • transport

Estimated Time schedule:

  • departure from the conference venue: 8 am by charter bus

  • start of the hiking trip: 10 am

  • estimated hiking time: approx 5 - 6 hours

  • arrival to České Budějovice: approx 6 pm